Kotitalo – Award-winning magazine making

for Isännöintiliitto, The Finnish Real Estate Management Federation

“A couple of years ago we were looking for a strategically thinking partner to re-do our Kotitalo-magazine. We were lucky enough to end up with Berry Creative. With their professional team we created an award-winning magazine concept the readers love. If you want fresh points-of-views, a good shaking and results, I warmly recommend cooperation with them.”

Marjut Joensuu, Director at The Finnish Real Estate Management Federation

Magazine goal-setting, concept and art direction of the magazine since 2014.

Co-operation with: Various photographers and illustrators

Year: 2014– ongoing

Our cooperation with the Finnish Real Estate Management has been one of trust and companionship. We started off with the redesign of the Kotitalo-magazine with the goal of improving the circulation. We went into the customer needs and formatted the magazine to be a service to the reader, not just a magazine of publisher messages.

The magazine circulation has now over doubled. In addition to that it has won the Best customer magazine of the year in both the annual Edit and Procomm-competitions.

We went on to do a couple of redesigns of the Isännöinti-magazine as well, cutting down the layout time from 13 days to three. This gives the customer time to edit on the fly and make sure the contents are fresh.

We have art-directed Kotitalo and Isännöinti-magazine from the very beginning of our partnership with the Real Estate Management.

A magazine is about change, and we like to evolve and redefine their goals and ways of doing on a regular basis to make them most valuable for both their readers and their publisher.

The magazine has been awarded as Customer Magazine of the Year (www.editkilpailu.fi) in 2014, 2015 and 2017.

Photography by Paavo Lehtonen

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