Heureka – Clear goals, insight and exciting rebirth for an established brand

for Heureka Science Centre

“One of the boldest moves was to simplify the Heureka symbol to a mere cube shape sign and use it in marketing without the Heureka logo type. The decisions were supported with fast research, which revealed that the Heureka-cube was identified by almost 90% of the answered."

Joonas Juutilainen, chief graphic designer, Heureka

Co-clarifying target groups and metrics for success, the wants and needs of target groups, the brand promise and a verbal and visual renewal of the visual identity and website.

Location: Heureka, Vantaa

Co-operation with: Antti Tuominen (Copywriter, Intohimotoimisto Cassius), Evermade (web production)

Year: 2016

We redesigned the Heureka brand to serve clear business goals using user-oriented methods. The outcome was a measured success in redesigning an exciting visual identity. All work was done hand-in-hand with the client.

We started off by clarifying and prioritizing Heureka’s target groups and the actual measurable conversion we want them to do. This doubles as a business goal. After this we defined their wants and needs, and wrote target-group-specific promises. The visual design was done by finding out exactly how the target groups perceived the old identity, setting a target for the new one and validating the design choices by user testing. The new brand is used in web, print and space.

The brand has been further developed to serve Heureka Overseas Productions, an international operator of Heureka.

In-location applications of visual design by Heureka, photography by Paavo Lehtonen.

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