Taito – Happiness lies in handicrafts – and the communication of handicrafts

for Taito Foundation

“The new identity has been greeted with joy. The acceptance has been great in the whole organization in all positions. With the new look, many feel that they can be proud of the organization they represent. The new identity has also helped us to find new audience in different age groups."

Minna Hyytiäinen, the executive director of Taito Group

Customer insight, visual identity, logo design, magazine concept, Taito Shop brand, interiors and signage.

Year: 2015–2019

The Finnish Craft Organization Taito Group had had the same logo for a couple of decades. The organization was in change, wanted to communicate change, and the old logo felt dated. An extra layer of communication challenge came from the Taito Group consisting of many independent smaller organizations. The previous brand redesign had been troublesome and expensive, so many were uneasy with the idea of a coming redesign.

We started the project with clear goal-setting; to whom Taito Group must communicate and why, and when have we succeeded.

With our research partner Prior Konsultointi we dug into the values and needs of the target groups. Special care was taken to include the needs of the internal target groups in the process.

After this we created a versatile and fresh brand identity to communicate inspiration, joy, light and optimism. The design work was done in an iterative manner, with customer testing on the way.

After the Taito Group brand was in use we applied it also to the Taito Shop brand, interiors and signage.

“The Taito Shop project was extremely easy for us, and has been an excellent fit for our shops. I have never seen an easier brand redesign.” said Anne Ossi, the executive director of Taito Itä-Suomi.

Photography by Paavo Lehtonen and Taito Foundation

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