Smartum – Illustrations for the new brand identity

for Smartum


Co-operation with: Bond Creative Agency

Year: 2018

Smartum is a Finnish family business that offers solutions for corporations to maintain and promote their employees’ well-being and work ability. More than 13.000 companies offer various Smartum benefits to nearly one million employees in total, making activities such as lunch, culture and sports more affordable to them.

We cooperated with Bond Creative Agency to create various illustrations for Smartum to go along with their new brand identity designed by Bond. The biggest challenge was to create multifunctional illustrations that could be used in multiple applications and sizes varying from a charge card to a mural.

We created a set of bold, colourful and energetic illustrations that showcase different aspects of Smartum benefits. The illustrations convey Smartum’s new approach to improve their corporate customers’ employees’ overall quality of life.

Illustrations were shortlisted for the image category in Vuoden Huiput – Best Finnish Creative Design 2018.

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