Kerava area branding – Three manuals support the future urban planning

for City of Kerava

Location: Savio, Jaakkola and Ahjo, Kerava

In co-operation with: Kerava City

Year: 2018

City of Kerava aims to grow more dense, but in the meantime maintain and emphasize the existing unique identities of its key developing areas. Berry Creative analysed three of these developing areas, distinguished some of the core factors for their identities and made guidelines for how to support them. Each manual presents a vision of the new identity of an area and several ways of attaining it.

Jaakkola is boldly urban with its communal yards, high-rise buildings and lively streetscape. Savio’s cozy and village-like atmosphere is strongly based on a suggested art path and characteristic brick architecture. In Ahjo the strong connection with nature and recreational areas continues in the new building typologies and materials, as well as in outdoor spaces, such as a nature path circulating around the lake and storm water gardens.

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Kaisa Berry

Environmental artist, Architect 50 534 8839