Kärki Magazine – Effective marketing and communication tool for the mining industry

for Epiroc

“The magazine has accumulated positive feedback from the whole group: It is classy and easy to read. I was inspired by the proactivity of Berry Creative’s professionals, project management and the end result. The whole process was very easy for me.”

Anna-Mari Tikander, Communications Manager, Epiroc Finland

Customer insight, renewal of a customer magazine: concept, visualization, art direction and layout

Year: 2017– ongoing

Epiroc (formerly part of Atlas Copco) needed a credible marketing and communication channel for their products in the mining, infrastructure and natural resources industries. There was also need for a marketing tool for the salespeople.
We interviewed the salespeople, and based on the gathered insight, created the concept of a customer magazine. We delivered a name and visuality for the magazine to fit Epiroc's new visual identity.
Happy client and a magazine which the salespeople are happy to use as a marketing tool in the field.

Photography by Paavo Lehtonen

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