Isännöinti – Magazine lay-out-time from 13 to 3 days

for Isännöintiliitto, The Finnish Real Estate Management Federation

“The strict format helps me focus on what to write and in what format. For us it was important to be able to edit several magazines at the time and straight edit the lay-out to the very end instead of e-mailing minor corrections to the art director. There is no going back to the old way."

Kirsi Salo, Communications manager at The Finnish Real Estate Management Federation

A streamlined internal magazine redesign.

Year: 2016

Sometimes it’s more valuable to be able to edit your magazine to the very end, and save your time and mental energy on bigger issues. We did a concept in which the customer can work with a very short art direction production time span, saves money by automation and still looks professional.

Photography by Paavo Lehtonen

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