Insight: How does your target group really see your brand identity?

for various clients

“We had lots of assumptions of our clients. It was very useful to learn how they really perceived our old brand identity.”

Heli Ainoa, Director of Communications and Services at Heureka

Real feedback from real clients on how they perceive the tested visual identity.

Year: 2015–

We’re into helping you succeed with your clients. We understand that designers might or might not be right about how your current identity is perceived by your chosen target group so we take the guesswork out. 

We’ve developed tools to check and analyze the associations, feelings or words your target group gets when they see your brand identity. This can be done in the beginning or in between the design process.

With the outcome you’ll be able to choose wisely on what to do next: Set a target impression and which assets to build on and which weaknesses to minimize.

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