The Rhythm of hundreds of citizens

for City of Kauniainen, World Design Capital Helsinki

"When I was 13, I was here harvesting potatoes for our head master Magnus Hagelstam, who had rented this lot as a field. Now we were planting tulips. I planted 84 bulbs, but I did have to harvest more potatoes! This was jätte jätte positiva – a very nice initiative!"

Björn Harms, volunteer

Art concept, action plan, PR and production of a flower planting event.

Location: Kauniainen, Finland

Co-operation with: Emmi Silvennoinen (city gardener, Kauniainen), Olli Sinivaara (poet)

Year: 2011–2012

How can you give people of all ages a sense of belonging? Invite hundreds of residents to build a temporary flower park with 15 000 tulips, eight truckloads of soil, a jazz-band and a site-specific poem written on the parking lot. We ideated this project as a part of the Helsinki cultural capital year, gathered the team of sponsors and a poet, and organized a sunny two-day-session of pop-up-park creating.

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