Hyvinkää – Branding for a growing, thriving town

for City of Hyvinkää

“Every time I stand at the railway station I look at that wall and think what a nice place Hyvinkää is.”

Paula Susitaival, resident of Hyvinkää

The brand concept, visual identity, elevator pitch, slogan and designs from calling cards to concrete walls.

Location: Hyvinkää, Finland

Co-operation with: Tarja Heija (strategist), Vesa Sammalisto (illustrator)

Year: 2017

We have been a long-term partner to the growth and development of the City of Hyvinkää, since year 2009. We did the brand concept, and brand identity applicable and branching out from their web site to printed material and train station walls.

Cities change, and Hyvinkää especially is not the same city it was when we started, so recently we revamped our own work. For that we redefined the main target groups of the communication with the city, tested how the current brand is perceived amongst them and set a target image for a renewal.

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