Fun meets functionality

for Kenttäkatu kindergarten

Playful sculpture and playground design.

Location: Kenttäkatu kindergarten, Hyvinkää

Co-operation with: Hyvinkään taidemuseo

Year: 2017

The swan rests in front of the new nature-themed kindergarten in Hyvinkää.

The goal was to create an art piece that inspires children to play and be active. Our personal mission was to create something characteristic that would also function as a natural meeting point in front of the building.

The swan invites children to climb on its back, run along its neck and jump between the lily pads. The surrounding concrete edge serves as a sitting wall for parents arriving to pick up their children.

The biggest challenge was to create an artistic sculpture that would at the same time be fun, safe to play with and long lasting. Wet pour rubber was chosen due to its soft and safe qualities.

The swan brings joy to children, teachers and parents alike, and gives a distinctive character to the area.

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