Ranta-Kartano Art Program – Public art for all senses

for City of Lahti

Location: Ranta-Kartano, Lahti

Year: 2018

Berry Creative created an art program for the future area of Ranta-Kartano, which will be a mixed-use residential area in the city of Lahti. Ranta-Kartano’s core will be a park passage that serves as an important link between the city and its waterfront. Therefore the idea of the art is to emphasize the experience when one walks from the urban and organized city to the uncontrollable and organic nature of the waterfront.

The purpose of the art program is to make the experience of the area unique and does it by proposing architecturally integrated art to the buildings and the park structures. Art will be integrated to the stormwater control system, the facades, the street pavement, the lighting and even in the vegetation design.

The public art of Ranta-Kartano will stimulate all senses and give identity for the area.

Want to hear more? Please contact:

Kaisa Berry

Environmental artist, Architect

kaisa@berrycreative.fi+358 50 534 8839