Amfi – An architecture competition proposal

for Espoo Cultural Centre

Location: Tapiola, Espoo

In co-operation with: AOR Architects, NRT Architects

Year: 2018

Espoo Cultural Centre is the main scene for performing arts and cultural life in Espoo. The purpose of the competition was to find an architecture and landscape architecture plan that would facilitate the new functional needs of the expanding Cultural Centre and pay homage to the cultural heritage of Tapiola.

The competition program included the design of a new theatre, reuse of the exciting Cultural Centre building, new residential buildings and landscaping of the outdoor areas.

In a conjoint team of architects, Berry Creative’s role was as landscape architects to analyse the landscape of the area and design the outdoor spaces. The proposal “Amfi” expands the current theme of amphitheaters on the East side of the Centre to the new theater building on the West side, creating a series of four varying amphitheaters that invites people to sit, perform, meet and play in the public spaces of Tapiola.

Want to hear more? Please contact:

Kaisa Berry

Environmental artist, Architect 50 534 8839