The Weave transforms areas

in various environments

“Wonderful! The value of our apartments just went up!”

​​​​​​​Owner of a house next to the temporary Weave installation

A temporary fluorescent canopy made of hazard line.

Location: Turku, Finland

Co-operation with: Olohuone city festival

Year: 2008

Cheap hazard lines can be utilized for various purposes. 

We represented Finland in a playful match between the Sculptors Association of Finland and Sweden with an ‘knitted’ installation. The event took place in Hanasaari, Espoo in August and September of 2015. 

We made a similar installation in a forgotten park in the city of Turku during their year as one of the European Capitals of Culture.  

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Kaisa Berry

Environmental artist, Architect 50 534 8839