Internationally awarded stamps

for the Post of Finland

“For many years we have commissioned Berry Creative to design several stamps that have had challenging themes. Some of them and their themes have caused significant discussions worldwide. Berry Creatives innovative approach, environmental responsibility, the quality of the finished product and the smooth cooperation have been factors that we appreciate in product design in the field of security printing."

Tommi Kantola and Petri Pohjolainen, Design Managers at Posti Oy

Over 30 stamps over the years.

Year: 2006–

A stamp is a labour of love: it takes almost a year to finish one. The first stage is thorough research on what the stamp stands for; be it the meaning of gay porn icon Tom of Finland, the late president of Finland Mauno Koivisto, the Eurovision la-la-land, or the plain beauty of moths. Then comes the design, often ornamented with special printing techniques.

The Tom of Finland-stamp was news from Helsinki to India and crashed the Posti web store. Our stamps have won a gold medal from the Best of the Year-competition and a silver medal at the Art Director's Club Europe competition.

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