Sepänkannas kindergarten – Let's play!

for Municipality of Kirkkonummi

“Such an awesome-looking kindergarten! Happy to have this in Kirkkonummi! Finemang!”

A comment at the Viisykkönen-magazine news on the flooring

Colour and illustration coordination.

Location: Sepänkannas kindergarten, Kirkkonummi

Co-operation with: Armhold oy (architectural planning), Saara Pyykkö (colour specialist)

Year: 2016

We designed together with Saara Pyykkö the facade colouring, the interior colouring as well as the interior floor patterns for the Sepänkannas daycare center in Kirkkonummi. The wish of the client was to have the building look like a daycare center integrated with its surrounding colours.

The point of departure for the design process was the cultural landscape and maritime nature of Upinniemi, Kirkkonummi. The buildings material and colour plans consider the functions of the daycare center, the needs of the children and the building regulations of the area. We also considered the shifting colour temperature of sunlight throughout the day so that the scale of the building is friendly and comfortable.

The distinctive design and patterns helps the children to identify their group’s own spaces and encourage play. The patterns used in the design utilize Hungarian Varga-Nemelyi pedagogics in which mathematics are introduced through basic mathematical shapes.

The design was shortlisted in the annual Best Finnish Creative Design (Vuoden Huiput) competition in 2016.

Photography by Berry Creative and Saara Pyykkö

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