Rykmentinpuisto – Masterplan for Art

for City of Tuusula

Location: Rykmentinpuisto, Tuusula

Co-operation with: Tuusula / ympäristötaiteen säätiö, Tuula Isohanni, Studio Terra

Year: 2015

The Rykmentinpuisto Masterplan for Art was a national pilot project for the Percent for Art Principle in Finland. It was accomplished in cooperation with Studio Terra Landscape Architects and D.A. Tuula Isohanni, who is considered to be the pioneer of art coordination in Finland.

The task was to select art pieces for Rykmentinpuisto park area from two of Tuusula’s art collections: the Aune Laakkonen art collection and Lars-Gunnar Nordström sculpture collection. Public art can formulate space, create stories and unique atmospheres in dialogue with its landscape so the design team mapped out different atmospheres in the park to be emphasized with the selected art.

Berry Creative has also designed the visual identity of the area.

Want to hear more? Please contact:

Kaisa Berry

Environmental artist, Architect

kaisa@berrycreative.fi+358 50 534 8839