Rykmentinpuisto – Area branding for the former garrison area

for City of Tuusula

“The clarifying work done with Berry Creative on communication and visions has been extremely beneficial both internally and externally. It clarified our vision and brings unity to our communication. Berry Creative is youthful, dynamic and creative. We got what we bargained for and a little more."

Tuomo Sipilä, Head of Projects, The Municipality of Tuusula

We created a vision, lead messages, descriptions on inhabitant profiles and created scalable visual elements and guidelines for their use.

Location: Tuusula, Finland

Co-operation with: Tarja Heija (strategist)

Year: 2013

Rykmentinpuisto website

We designed a new identity for the new residential area of Rykmentinpuisto (Regiment Park) in the municipality of Tuusula. The work was based on workshops we held with the local people and it integrates housing, the magnificent nature and the area’s history as a garrison.

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