Promise and deliver value that matters

for various clients

“Berry Creative did a concept and visualization for our customer magazine. The work was done to systematically help the work of our sales agents. The magazine has received excellent feedback.”

Anna-Mari Tikander, Communications manager, Epiroc

Typical pains in doing design or branding is:

• Understand the big picture between marketing, product development and business goals.
• What channel to focus on.
• What to actually deliver to be more meaningful for the customer.

Our job is to

• Help you deliver real, tangible value to your target groups taking all his or her needs under consideration.
• Make you stand out from your competitors.

We do this after prioritizing your target groups and by gathering of insight by

• Understanding the bottlenecks in getting to your wanted goal.
• Developing your offering to meet the target group needs.
• Verbalizing and visualizing your offering to stand out.
• Choosing the right channel and action for the given goal.
• Testing and iterating our solutions.

The benefits of this are:

• Your communications turns into services your target groups want to receive.
• Communication and branding are woven into product development and company goals.
• Focusing on the right channels and actions saves resources.
• Testing and iterating solutions gives certainty on the return-on-investment.


Case Kärki magazine redesign

Epiroc wanted to redo its customer magazine, but did not know how.

We workshopped with the customer to understand that the main goal of the magazine is to help the work of Epiroc’s one-on-one-sales agents.  

We interviewed the sales agents to understand how the typical sales process went, what was easy and what was hard in it, and how they used the magazine currently.

From the interview we workshopped a magazine concept and formatted contents that would help the sales agents in their daily job.

After the concept was done we visualized the magazine according to the brand book.

As the result the magazine sports the brand proudly and has received very positive feedback from the sales agents.

Case Hyvinkää rebranding

The City of Hyvinkää had changed and been revitalized since the last branding we did for them eight years earlier. At that time the marketing target group had been families with children, and the brand was done accordingly.

We workshopped with the customer to prioritize what target groups are most important for its success today. The shared understanding was, that the new core target groups would be enterpreneurs bringing business and growth.

We tested how the current brand was received within its target groups.  

Based on the findings we workshopped with the city policy makers and public officials how to sharpen the brand to attract the new core target group.

According to this we redid the slogan, elevator pitch and tuned the visuals of the city brand.

As the result Hyvinkää can communicate in a more business-friendly way without losing its cosyness.

Case Tuusulan Rykmentinpuisto zoning trategy

The Municipality of Tuusula had a challenge in figuring out how to zone its new working area district.

After defining the target groups of the area and gathering insights we workshopped with the municipality to see what the area can promise to the target group and how.

The results were put into value promises, paired with plans on how the marketing of the area uses them and the zoning delivers the promises.

As the result the area marketing can sell the area to chosen target groups with value propositions that are meaningful to the target groups, and the zoning knows what to prepare for. The lots are in high demand.

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