You are Important, You are Beautiful – Empowering messages planted by people

for Turku Kulttuurikaupunkisäätiö, Finnish Parent’s league

“While some of the work (Berry Creative) does is overtly political – using art as a “powerful tool in communicating” issues around climate change and other environmental concerns – You are Beautiful! deliberately takes a more subtle approach."

IdeaStap magazine

Different communal planting projects to Turku and around the country as a free-ware campaign to preserve community schools.

Location: Various places in Finland, including Turku, Harvaluoto, Kaarina and Raasepori

Co-operation with: European Capitals of Culture year Turku and local residents.

Year: 2013

First we did the You Are Beautiful! project to Turku – planting messages of love to random lawns with locals. The idea was to have the green grass whisper after the long winter: You Are Beautiful!, I’m Thinking of You!, Let’s Kiss!. The plantings of The European Capitals of Culture year in Turku were done by the inhabitants of the city. We believe that the green grass of one’s own park is a little bit more one’s own after this.

The You Are Important -project spurred from the You are Beautiful -project. We were approached by a worried parent – could we please plant something like this to our local school, threatened to be closed? But of course! We offered the Finnish Parents’ League free of charge a flower planting campaign, which could be adopted and copied by anyone. Feel free to adopt and develop further!

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