Viesti – Making a magazine since 2006

for Metsä Group

“One of the reasons for our long, ongoing co-operation with Berry Creative, is their ambition to always make the best magazine out of the material that is available. They never take the “easy way out” – on the contrary. Every detail, every picture and and every line is perfected to the max.”

Sirkku Vanhatalo, Managing editor, Metsä Group

Magazine layouting, illustration.


Sure, we do heated one-offs, but we also recognize the value of warm long-term-relationships. People come and people go but we have worked for Metsä Group's Viesti magazine since 2006. We have done several re-vamps on the way, and countless pages of lay-outs, infographs and thousands and thousands of email messages.

When they come in we hug.

Photography by Paavo Lehtonen

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Timo Berry

CEO, Creative director 41 532 4345