Kivistö Parking House – Visual Identity and Wayfinding

for Lujatalo

Location: Kivistö, Vantaa

Co-operation with: Lujatalo, L-arkkitehdit

Year: 2017–

The Agate Car Park in Kivistö can house nearly 400 cars in the new Kivistö residential area. The guiding illustrations, signage, and green roof are designed to make orientation easier and improve the user experience.

The visual concept was inspired by agate stone patterns. Illustrated stripes on windows, walls and floors guide the user and lead the way. Even the green roof - which can be seen from the adjacent high-rise buildings - follows the same visual concept. Here, stonecrops in red and yellow alternate with black and white stone gravel. Thus the visual identity adds character and detail to the architecture.  

Want to hear more? Please contact:

Kaisa Berry

Environmental artist, Architect 50 534 8839