Hangonsilta – Area branding for easy living

for City of Hyvinkää

Brand positioning, visual identity, core messages and elevator pitch, slogan.

Location: The City of Hyvinkää

Co-operation with: Vesa Sammalisto (illustrator)

Year: 2016

City of Hyvinkää commissioned us to differentiate the new Hangonsilta housing area from its competition. We benchmarked its competitors, analyzed its target groups, set the brand promises and wrote the messages, elevator pitch and slogan, as well as creating an inviting visual identity.

A special twist to the work came from gathering the views of the city and the several constructor companies working on the area.

The main points we implemented in the visual identity were related to the “easy living” in Hangonsilta. It is a dream of a life in which you have finally time for yourself. Living there is simple and easy. The area has a central location and everything you need – whether it’s a shopping centre or a quiet forest nearby.

The visual themes and colors of America also refer to the historical background of the area. Hangonsilta used to be the place where people started their travel overseas in search of freedom and happiness. Now the happiness and freedom can be found in Hangonsilta.

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