Align design goals with business goals

for various clients

“Berry Creative facilitated us with listening, neutrality, and when needed – with rigorous counter arguments. They worked with a progressive attitude, providing us with an outside view and systematically helped us to focus on the most relevant issues. This goal setting serves as a base to develop our magazine further in a concrete way and create new, even wild ideas."

Marjut Joensuu, Director, The Finnish Real Estate Management Federation on the goal-setting-workshop of the awarded Kotitalo-magazine

Typical pains in the job of a design or communication managers are:

• Insecurity of what to invest in and how to measure success
• How do different media channels support each other.
• How to give a good design brief.
• It takes too long to get into productive work with a new design partner.
• Designers don’t understand the customer’s real needs.
• Changing teams waste time
• Goals are not real, shareable across the whole team and do not drive change.
• The communication resources are limited.

Our first job in helping our customers are:

• Understand the big picture
• Pinpoint the bottlenecks and growth-points
• Set and prioritize design goals.

One of our favorite tools for this is a workshop of setting target-group-specific, measurable design goals. It answers the question “when have we succeeded”. At the end of the workshops you have:

• your prioritized business/design goals
• the prioritized internal and external target groups involved in the goals
• The prioritized specific, measurable, attainable and relevant metrics of success per target group.
• The assumptions of the target group key needs
• The assumptions we have about what makes you different.
• Risks involved.
• Actions to take.

The benefits of this are:

• A shared, exact design goal can be shared across the whole team.
• Possibility to calculate a return-on-investment.
• Design goals support and often clarify business goals.
• It has clear, measurable metrics of success.
• Gives a strong starting for gathering user insight.


Case Kotitalolehti

As most of customer magazines, the award-winning Kotitalolehti was not certain of how to reinvent itself and what type of content to deliver to its readers and how.

We workshopped with the customer to prioritize its target group, and when the magazine has succeeded within each target group.

We also mapped out our shared assumptions of what drives the decision-making of the target group.

Based on the assumptions, we went on to test the assumptions and get customer insight and on to developing the magazine as a service to its readers, solving its real problems.

As the result the magazine has won several awards and keeps on getting good feedback from its readers.

Case Heureka rebranding

Heureka Science Center had a challenge of reinventing itself after 20 years of being one of the most popular place-to-go for school kids and families.

The Science center was in the midst of a remodeling and building of a new part.

We workshopped with the customer to prioritize what target groups are most important for its success.

We workshopped the shared assumptions on what drives the decision-making of the target group and its competitors.

Based on this information we tested how the existing brand was perceived within the given target groups and set a design goal.

We did the redesign based on the information gathered from the insight.

As the result of all actions combined the visitor amount of Heureka has risen 25% in one year.

Case Tuusulan Rykmentinpuisto zoning strategy

The Municipality of Tuusula had a challenge in figuring out how to zone its new working area district.

We workshopped with the Tuusula policy makers and public officials to find out what type of target group doing what and in what order would be best for the whole municipality.

We mapped the policy makers’s and public official’s shared assumptions of the value we could promise to the given target groups.

We tested the assumptions with the target groups.

Based on the findings we wrote the prioritized key promises to the target groups.

As the result the area marketing could pinpoint its efforts in a way that was relevant to the target groups. The lots are in high demand.

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