Customer-centric goal-setting workshop

for various clients

“Berry Creative facilitated us with listening, neutrality and when needed, with rigorous counter arguments. They worked with a progressive attitude, providing us with an outside view and systematically helped us to focus on the most relevant issues. This goal setting serves as a base to develop our magazine further in a concrete way and create new, even wild ideas."

Marjut Joensuu, Director, The Finnish Real Estate Management Federation

A goal setting workshop

We don't believe in guesswork. That’s why we like to start our design work by setting clear, measurable target-group-centric goals. With them we can get the needed insight – find out the real needs, hopes and fears of the target group, your competition and how your target group makes choices. After this it’s easy to develop your communication as a service and make right design choices. This helps to bind business goals to service development and finally on to communication.

We have helped for example Isännöintiliitto, Heureka, the City of Hyvinkää and the city of Tuusula to priorize their target groups and find out their agenda.

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