Climate change stamps

for Post of Finland

”For many years we have commissioned Berry Creative to design several stamps that have had challenging themes. Some of them and their themes have caused significant discussions worldwide. Berry Creatives innovative approach, environmental responsibility, the quality of the finished product and the smooth cooperation have been factors that we appreciate in product design in the field of security printing.”

Tommi Kantola and Petri Pohjolainen, Design Managers at Posti Oy

Stamps and First Day Cover

Year: 2018

The Post of Finland commissioned Berry Creative to use an innovative way to concretize the consequences of climate change on stamps. By warming up the heat reactive ink in the stamps, individuals can see with their own eyes the consequences of climate change to Finland: There will be no more white winters, people living in the severe heat areas are forced to leave their homes and relocate, and many endemic species will become extinct.

Take a stamp, heat the black area by rubbing with your finger and you will see the future if we don’t act fast to fight climate change. Unlike the effect in the stamp, climate change in not reversible.

Objective of the project was to increase the awareness of Finnish people on the consequences of climate change and eventually to take concrete actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The stamps were awarded with Silver award in the European Design Awards in 2019.

Photography by Paavo Lehtonen

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