Brankkari – Art brings out the history of the residential district

for Hartela

“The first apartments of the Brankkari-building were bought by former firefighters. The artwork reminds us of the history of the building.”

Real estate sales representative of the Hartela Building Company

Art piece to the wall of the building.

Location: Vantaa

Co-operation with: ArkTurtiainen (architect)

Year: 2014

The apartment building Vantaan Brankkari was built on a site where a fire station once stood. The architect chose the colour of the building to resemble the colour of a fire engine and we took the it further to create a joyful image that resembled the idea. 

“That’s how we worked the fire hoses, it was like dancing”, said the firefighters who attended the opening ceremony.

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Kaisa Berry

Environmental artist, Architect 50 534 8839