Ahead! arena – Installation and social media viral hit for furniture fair

for Habitare furniture fair, Messukeskus

”The installation lured the audience to get acquainted, enjoy and participate with the site. In addition the installation became a hit in the social media, everyone wanted to experience and photograph it on site. Thanks to Berry Creative, we got buckets full of younger and youthful visitors. The professionals of Berry Creative are true ambassadors of good mood.”

Sanna Salovuori, Habitare Program coordinator

Installation of 1000 white umbrellas, a lounge and a circus performer.

Location: Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland

Co-operation with: Katja Huhmarkangas (knitter)

Year: 2015

Berry Creative designed an impressive installation which brought the Habitare exhibition a lot of coverage in the traditional media and social media. In addition to domestic coverage it gained a lot of international interest as well.

We received an assignment to make the Habitare Ahead-arena joyful, optimistic and exceptional. What a wonderful assignment! Our solution was to build a hanging installation of one thousand and one hundred white umbrellas, levitating furniture, swings and aerial acrobatics which formed a meadow of dreams, where surreal fairy tales, blue skies, clouds and a dash of Mary Poppins merged. 

We designed hand knitted “bogeyman” ball shaped installations, which could be sat on and played on if the lectures started to get too boring. The artwork received a wonderful reception and a lot of attention.

The project was presented for example in thisiscolossal.com, mentalfloss.com, theculturetrip.tumblr.com, designdautore.blogspot.com, furnituretoday.com, trendhunter.com, urdesignmag, ignant.com.

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Kaisa Berry

Environmental artist, Architect

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